Review: Tiny Ninja Theater
TheaterMania, 4/9/03
"There's something irresistibly charming about seeing Shakespeare's works performed by miniature plastic figurines."

Article: Small Actors Make Big Splash
Dramatics, 4/03
"As Yoda says, ‘You do or you do not; there is no try.’"

Review: Theatre Pick for Week of March 4, 3/4/03
"You think you've seen every twist on The Bard’s work humanly possible..."

Article: Fringe Hit Tiny Ninja Theater Returns to NYC
Playbill Online, 2/9/03
"Trevor Bigfoot as Mercutio — whose death scene has to be seen to be believed"

Article: Best of Charleston 2003
The Charleston City Paper, 1/03
"Readers Pick for Best Piccolo Spoleto Event"

Review: Shakespeare in a Shoebox
The Washington Post, 1/11/03
"Once you've seen its Romeo & Juliet, you'll want to come to back for figurine versions of Hamlet or Othello or whatever else." — Peter Marks

Review: Action Figure Genius
The Charleston City Paper, 10/02
"Quick, clever, and chock full of surprises, more than one audience member claimed that it even outperformed the hit interpretation of the Scottish play." — Colleen Reilly

Review: Freeze Frame
Creative Loafing Charlotte, 10/2/02
"I heartily recommend being among the lucky few when Weinstein & Co. return to Charlotte or Piccolo Spoleto." — Perry Tannenbaum
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Review: Tiny Version of Macbeth is Giant Entertainment
The Charlotte Observer, 9/22/02
"Fresh, funny, ingenious and original." — JoAnn Grose

Review: Tiny Ninja Theater
Hairline, 8/02
"Four Stars: Tiny Ninja Theater is a fantastic and unorthodox show which represents what many love about the Edinburgh Festival." — Simon Ferguson

Review: Bard Takes a Flyer
Sunday Herald, 8/25/02
"Four Stars: Shakespeare is as equally at home among the ridiculous, of course." — Tim Abrahams

Review: Tiny Ninja Theater presents Macbeth
The Scotsman, 8/19/02
"Must be seen to be believed. " — Paul Rhodes

Review: Macbeth
Three Weeks, 8/17/02
"If a definition of the Fringe is originality and artistic expression, then this 35 minute abbreviated version of Macbeth, with tiny plastic ninjas as a cast, must surely rank as an ultimate example." — Paul Cochrane

Review: Mr. Smiley Face Macbeth
The Guardian, 8/10/02
"Weinstein plays it dead straight and speaks the text rather better than some classically trained actors I have heard." — Lyn Gardner

Review: Mini-Cawdor Steals Hearts
The List, 8/8/02
"a marvel of theatrical innovation" — Catherine Bromley

Review: No Drams Required
Edinburgh Guide, 8/3/02
"This is the only one I’m recommending to all my friends and the only thing I think I’ll make a return trip to!" — Annabel Ingram

Article: Ninja-cized Bard
Charleston Post & Courier, 6/1/02

Article: Tiny Ninja Theater Returns to Charleston
The State, 5/31/02

Review: Action Figure Genius
The Charleston City Paper, 5/29/02

Review: Tiny Ninjas Take On Shakespeare's Giant Roles
Charleston Post & Courier, 5/29/02

Article: Oh Tiny Romeo
The Charleston City Paper, 5/02

Article: What's The Buzz
The Charleston City Paper, 5/02
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Article: Where to Celebrate Valentine's Day Solo
Time Out New York, 2/14/02
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Review: Massaker im Spielzeugland
Taz Bremen, 1/22/02
the babelfish translation

Article: Best of Charleston 2001
The Charleston City Paper, 1/02
"Best Use of Plastic Figurines in a Performance" jump to the good bits

Article: Shakespeare de Plástico
Revista 2K, 6/22/01
the babelfish translation

Piccolo's Prices Too Steep for Local Festival
The State, 6/10/01
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Spoleto Festival at 25
The New York Times, 6/5/01
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Tiny Ninjas Put Twist on the Bard
Charleston Post & Courier, 6/2/01

Tiny Ninjas Project Big Illusion
The Charleston City Paper, 5/29/01

Review: No Small Jokes, Just Small Actors
Charleston Post & Courier, 5/29/01

Article: Immediate Art
The Charleston City Paper, 5/01
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Article: Serious Shakespeare Takes But An Inch
The Charleston City Paper, 5/01

Review: Sightlines: Tom Waits in the Toilet
The Village Voice, 4/27/01

Article: All Is But Toys
Stage Directions, 3/01
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Article: The Bard's New Band of Merry Men Perform Macbeth
American Theater, 12/00

Article: Off-Off color: Toy Story
Time Out New York, 11/9/00
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Review: Street of Blood, Tiny Ninja Theater presents Macbeth
NEXT Magazine, 9/15/00
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Article: Is That a Ninja That I See Before Me?
Playbill Online, 8/30/00

Review: Oh, Forget the Money, Let's Dress Up and Play
The New York Times, 8/26/00
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Fringe Binge
Time Out New York, 8/24/00
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Review: Fringe Benefits
The Village Voice, 8/23/00
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Review: As The Bard Himself Might Put it..., 8/20/00

Review: Tiny Ninja Macbeth, Finally, Little Green Man, 8/18/00
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Article: Off-Off and Running
Time Out New York, 8/10/00
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Culture, Arts, and Entertainment

These categories are the least voted-on by our readers. Apparently, you're more interested in eating and drinking out than culture, arts, and entertainment. But when you do vote, you know what you're talking about. Simon Norfolk's moving photographs of Afghanistan won for Best Visual Art Gallery Show. If you missed the exhibit Afghanistan: Palimpsest at the Halsey last year, you can check out Norfolk's book, which is currently available at your neighborhood bookstore.

Other worthy wins include Timmy Finch for Best Comic; he always keeps us in stitches whenever we have the good fortune to be in his company. Charleston Stage Company's production of Bat Boy eked out a win over some worthy contenders (Hedwig, anyone) for the Best Non-Spoleto Play or Performance of 2002. CSC also won for Best Local Theatre Company, and the Dock Street, despite having the most uncomfortable seating in America, won for Best Theatre.

Joseph Flummerfelt's Westminster Choir of Spoleto was recognized for its angelic quality and musical delight. And the Tiny Ninjas were singled out for their amazing performances at Piccolo Spoleto.

Interestingly, Pat Conroy (who doesn't live here!) won again for Best Local Author. Don't we have legitimate local writers who deserve some recognition Ñ like Sue Monk Kidd, Josephine Humphreys, Edward Ball, Harlan Green, etc.? Sure, Conroy is likable and a big seller, but so is Anne Rivers Siddons, and she lives here!

Artists John Carroll Doyle and West Fraser both got some props for their good works.

In the musical realm, Wormbelly found their album recognized as Best Local Release of 2002 and lead singer Chris Patterson as Best Musician/Vocalist. And the powerhouse that is Cary Ann Hearst was awarded Best Female Musician/Vocalist. If you haven't seen this girl sing her heart, find out when the Borrowed Angels are playing again and go see them!

Best Local Theatre Company
Charleston Stage Company

Best Theatre
Dock Street Theatre
135 Church St.

Best Non-Spoleto Play or Performance of 2002
Bat Boy, Charleston Stage Company

Best Spoleto Performance
Westminster Choir

Best Piccolo Spoleto Event
Tiny Ninja Theatre's Macbeth

Movie Theatre for Blockbuster Films
Palmetto Grande 16
1319 Theatre Drive Mt. Pleasant 216-8696

Best Movie Theatre for Art Films
The Terrace
1956 Maybank Highway, 762-9494

Best Local Actor/Actress
Hal Truesdale

Best Local Comic
Timmy Finch, The Have Nots!

Best Local Author
Pat Conroy

Best Music Concert of 2002
Widespread Panic, 11/10/02

Best Museum
Gibbes Museum of Art
135 Meeting St. 722-2706

Best Art Gallery
John Carroll Doyle
54 Broad St. 577-7344

Best Art Gallery Show
Afghanistan: Palimpsest by Simon Norfolk, Halsey Gallery, Sept. 12 - Oct. 5, 2002

Best Local Visual Artist
West Fraser

Best Rock Music Club
Music Farm
32 Ann St. 853-FARM

Best Jazz & Blues Club
Momma's Blues Palace
46 John St. 853-2221

Best Local Band

Best Local Release of 2002
Wormbelly, The Guf

Best House Band
Vista Riverside Grille

Best Cover Band
Plane Jane

Best Female Musician/Vocalist
Cary Ann Hearst, The Borrowed Angels

Best Male Musician/Vocalist
Chris Patterson, Wormbelly

Best Club DJ
Bryan Mahanes, DJ Ski

Best Local Rapper
Eric "Skinny" Wilson

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